Revised Death Date: Jan 31, 2030

Jun 1, 2020 Update.

So about 3 months ago, I published my proposed death date for the reasons below and some more here.  I haven't reviewed it since then, but I was thinking more on how I would make the money work- namely the 401k Roth Conversions. After doing the preliminary math for feasibility, my death date has been moved up to Jan 31, 2030.  I believe, if I'm not mistaken, that is purely dependent on available funding.

I'll be age 45.

I rounded to Jan 31 to commemorate my Aunt's passing in 2020. It'll be 10 years to the day.

While scary and unthinkable to most, this date still provides comfort to me. Nothing I feel has to last forever or end me.

(originally published Mar 8, 2020}
Death Date: Sat, Nov 8, 2031
A few thoughts later and I think I decided on a (tentative) death date: Saturday, Nov 8, 2031.

I'll be 47.

At 7, I moved to the US with the hope of safety and a better life. It has been bittersweet.

At 17, I graduated high school with the hope of the best 4 years of my life. It didn't work out quite the way I imagined.

At 27, I realized I would never be a child star; went back to school for a better financial life; and tried one last time at a love worth dying for (that exact nomenclature came later).

At 37,  the hope will be to transition out of the workforce after staying 2 years at my current job.

In those 2 years, I plan to relish the perks, namely discretionary PTO and the low level of skill required to do my job. I would like to take a trip to Spain this year, ideally for 3 weeks, but likely for one.  In 2021, I'd like to take a trip to Portugal for 3 weeks (only because at one point not too long ago the internet said it was the best place to live for a girl like me) right before leaving Call Center #2.

I want to stay employed for the trip for the health insurance and funds.

From age 37 to 47, I want to feel free.

I think it will be exceptionally hard to spend the FIRE money without actually reaching FIRE because I can't know for sure what's going to happen. But what's the alternative? (Duh, waiting like a normal person.)

I don't think I could really spend down all my accounts, so I think $25k would be a reasonable amount to leave behind if I had the opportunity to enjoy the rest. It's also a good amount to have in the event my death date comes and goes.  It's near the amount I keep in my emergency fund, so at least that's already established (and locked up in CDs).  It'll be extremely frustrating to start all over again, in the event I'm still alive, but at least I won't be starting from $0 (that would be even harder). November 8 was also my sainted aunt's birthday so at least it'll have some significance to me.  So if I find I'm nearing $25k left to my name, and death is not on the horizon, I'll just have to go back to work.

As a result, I plan to keep my license active. So an active license and a $25k emergency fund will be my safety net in case of "life."

Plan B of course is  work 6 or 7 more years and reach my FIRE number of $500k. I may be around age 42 by then. I would want to enjoy it for at least the 10 years it took me to achieve it, so that's 42 to 52.

I guess we'll just have to see.

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