Fri-yay - still loving life

 Yay, for science and medication and financial stability!

Financial stability is literally the best thing that ever happened to me. Sure, I may never stay in the Four Seasons or fly private jet, but it's such a luxury to have money to work on my mental and physical health.

It's such a luxury to work remotely in a flexible job so even when I have the money, I also have the time flexibility to be healthy.

So yeah, naturally today is a great day because I don't have any work meetings. Yay! And I toyed with the idea of my year abroad next year. It went from a year to 6 months to 3 months to 6 weeks. I think it just depends on the circumstance at the time. 

When I'm feeling overworked, I want to escape and take leave from work. But when I have a good day at work, I'm fine with remote working from a foreign place.

Luckily the 2 places I have in mind for next year (S. Africa and Portugal), my company has offices with similar time zones. So if I keep my current job, at least that will still work out. What a revelation!

And when I ran my numbers, I don't need to do any pre-saving in 2024. I like that for that reason and also I like using that calendar's income for that calendar year's expenses. 

I was going to gift $2k to the fundraising going on for a relative's house do over. But I can't even get a proper thank you email for hte first $1k, so that's given me some pause. 

Otherwise life is good. I don't think I'm going to make it to Mt. Rushmore this year. I wanted to hit it up before Jun 15 (ie, before it gets too hot), and I just don't think it's going to happen. I am having too much fun just lazing around and enjoying local things. 

So yeah, as much as I like planning, I haven't made any concrete plans for 2025...just drafted a few levers. We'll just wait on more levers on work. I think data from my work will be the driver. So just monitoring how that goes.

I can't even seem to think past this summer in terms of plans. Talk about living in the present! 

The sun is shining. I'm working from bed. And I even made it a work out plan for the summer plan. I can do most things when there is a finite amount of energy required. Phew! 

May 15

 So it's a Wednesday. Just did a presentation it took me a week or 2 to prepare for. I did it. After I was prepped, I felt fine. But then a few minutes before, I got nervous stomach.

Been trying to decide what level of performance anxiety is normal vs wanting to quit my job.

I'm trying to just get it in my head that quitting before my quit date is not an option. On the good days, this is easy to do, but other days, I do toy with the idea.

There is a part of me that feels like I faintly feel the way I did before I quit Call Center 1. But I don't think it's that bad. I have plenty of downtime with this job at the moment, so this may be as good as it gets. I know I can get through this, just still figuring it out. 

I don't know if it's also just the excitement of waiting for Christmas. 

In other news, still planning to do a 2 month swim aerobics challenge for Jun 15 to Aug 15. I'm excited about that. 

Then maybe get my hair done after. 

In July, also tentatively planning on some regional activities- like spending time at the lake. 

So I think it'll be a fun summer. I have some cool activities planned. 

Hi, again friends

 I've found some good journals on ERE forums. Wow, crypto really made some people millionaires. It's cool to see people's numbers climb and watch their mindsets and goals change right along with it.

Those of us who choose FI definitely have some common characteristics. Nice to see not everyone favors long term travel or any travel at all. It is is a pretty common hobby, nonetheless.

I think I was fortunate that while I didn't have tons of financial prep, my family travelled quite a lot growing up. So I don't feel that that's an itch that needs a deep scratch. There is a part of me that has always longed to feel settled. I remember dreaming about 30 years in some assembly line job. But it turns out that's not the settled that feels good to me. 

My brother's in town for 3 weeks. After two days of me feeling the need to help him sort out his financial life, I realized today that I can stop! It hit me that I had no memorable data points of this person ever taking any of my advice on literally anything. In fact, he is often trying to fix things I'm doing. And honestly, I don't care too much for his advice either. So ... stay with me...what if we both just let each other be!

The pervasive fear for me is that some of his decision making is going to negatively affect me. For example, he didn't plan his first visit out here well, and now he's bumming out on my couch for 3 weeks. 

This week has been such a great week. I got ahead on my work so my workload was ultralight before next week. I momentarily thought about Monday and felt a little dread in my heart. Groan. 

But yeah, when I don't think about the work, I love my work-life balance. And reading these new journals are a good distraction and way to still interact with personal finance. And it keeps me hopeful. I can't believe I'm so close to my FI number. 

I'm just so happy I made it. 

I hope all this build up doesn't lead to a let down when I finally reach it. I don't think it will because there's so much more to come.

I bought sparkling water to try. Because #shefancy

I just feel overall good. Like there's so much to look forward to. And that's an awesome feeling, especially coming from someone who wrote 2 end of life plans on this very blog.

Without Mint, I do feel a little lost on my budgeting though. 

Alright, that's all for now. Ciao!

Fear and loathing and other updates

 I did let fear get the best of me in an exchange with a colleague. I opened the wrong email and stewed for a bit over it. Couple hours of sleep lost, but I'll get better.

I spent quite a bit of my weekend going through the mental exercise of different job outcomes. I thought I would have more information this week, but that leadership decision has been postponed. 

This weekend i thought about living abroad for a year. I had kind of shelved that idea because when i go to visit poorer countries, that usually feels like enough.

But one new beginning begets another. But something about having the next 2 years all structured must have made me feel boxed in because that's where my mind went. In retrospect, maybe I just figured, since I wouldn't be able to enjoy my current social life as I do now, then living abroad would be good cuz I could enjoy the experience of being overseas when I'm off work.

How interest, brain. I hadn't put that together, but clearly my soul prioritizes freedom. I'm just on a perpetual journey of freedom. When I feel boxed in in one area of my life, I seem to leap for freedom in another. 

All these mental obstacles have me really focusing on my quit date: 6226. Freedom date?

My aunt tried to give me a bit of grief about using work as an excuse for not going to my cousin's wedding. But I'm many of my things have you not gone too because you don't have money. I felt quite a bit less bad after running through the mental list that's she had many excuses for.

There's a couple of cool events happening in my town right now that I don't want to miss, and it's not a good time to be away from my work setup and frankly, I just don't want to go a wedding. oh, humans.

so yeah....right now job satisfaction is in the air. but i know if i can just hold on to 2026, i'll be okay. and i'm even pretty sure, i'll still ER even if i don't hit my number. i'm mentally just ready to move on. 


Still fine

 Work started with a stressful email today. To which I had a response. I am also learning to just 'take the abuse' as one colleague said.

No matter how I try to look at it, my preference is just to stay until 2026. I just can't make 2025 make sense right now. 

So yeah there's that. 

Cookie hunting for spring seems to have popped up. And African food! So double yay! 

But on the work front... there are definite musings of trying to find another internal job by year's end. But also acknowledging that I can trudge through this if I have to. There is some twisted pleasure in having an undesirable last year so that there's less risk of staying!

But honestly if I approach it with a 'yessss, massa' attitude, it makes it more tolerable.