How My Income Skyrocketed and Net Worth Plummeted with My Education

Welcome back to My Early Retirement Journey! I'm so glad you're here. So we've all heard it from one source or another that one of the best reasons to graduate high school (and eventually college) is not just for the sake of furthering your education, or accomplishing a goal, but for the promise of a higher salary. But is it true? And at what cost?

The data

A recent report by the Bureau of Labor Statistics did in fact find that high school graduates made on average about $400 more per week than their non-diploma holding counterparts.

NO H.S. Diploma$515$26,780
H.S. Diploma$718$37,336
Bachelor's degree$1,189$61,828
Advanced degree$1,451$75,452

After simplifying some of the data from that report into a chart for comparison, it is easy to see that statistically, salary does increase as education increases. Conceivably, a high school dropout can reasonably expect to make one-third the salary of someone with an advanced degree. Naturally there are those who defy expectations and you might be one of them, but probably not.

Sometimes you'll even see these cohorts working in the same place. For example a medical assistant at a private practice; or a pharmacy tech at a retail pharmacy;  or a receptionist at a law practice. Is there anything worse than slogging away the same number of hours at the same place, and being paid far less?

My story

Statistics don't often tell the whole story.  They are just a compilation of data points after all. Given all the jobs I've had and the degrees I've earned, I was curious to trend just how much my salary did change with educational advancement.  And at what cost. Here's what the data shows for my story.
No high school diploma

I got my first job in middle school. I used to babysit for my best friend's little brother after school. I was in middle school from 1995 to 1997. During that time frame, I made between $5 and $5.15 an hour babysitting.

In high school, I used to work at my church answering the phones one to two hours a week. I made $5.15 an hour. I did that for a year before we moved. The summer before my senior year of high school, I wanted to go to a dance camp. After applying for "nicer" jobs in the mall, I got a job waitressing at a local diner making about $3.00 an hour (not including tips).  After I made the $600 I needed for dance camp, I quit. I suppose you could say at an early age, I knew long-term work was not for me. I was in high school from 1997 to 2001 and graduated in 2001 (debt-free).

I never worked full time before I graduated from high school. I don't think work permits even allow that for child workers.

The breakdown

My range: $3.00 - $5.15/hr

Median: $4.08/hr

Median weekly (if full time): $163/wk

Annually (if full time): $8,476
High school diploma years

I graduated from high school in 2001 and started college about six weeks later. I was accepted into an early matriculation program, and I was ready to leave my hometown.  I made it through the summer program debt-free because the program was private grant funded. I got through fall break of my first semester of college, and it turned out I didn't have the right immigration status to qualify for federal funding. Surprise! I couldn't afford to go back.

Between 2001 and 2004, I had three jobs (at different times). Two were part-time and one was full-time. My first job was at a hot dog stand in the mall. I finally got a mall job! I was making $5.15 an hour part-time. Then my brother referred me for a data entry job at his company. I started off making $9/hr and ended at $12/hr. I was rich! The company went bankrupt a couple years later, and we were all laid off.

Then I got a seasonal job at my community college's book store. I was making $7.50/hr for the spring rush.  Somewhere in there I also signed up with a temp agency, making on average about $10/ hr.

In 2004, with the help of Google (and God), I successfully applied for and was granted political asylum by the United States. That's the short version. Asylees qualify for federal funding. I could go back to school! Back in college, I had a work-study job that paid $5.25/hr working at the front desk of a 24-hour desk of one of my college's residence halls.

In the summer, I worked at a residential summer camp. They paid us $2,500 lump sum for 3 weeks (12-hr days).  Because of Hurricane Katrina, I spent one semester at another college and worked at their campus grocery store making $6/hr.

The breakdown

My range: $5.15 - $13.89/hr

Mean: (5.15 + 9 + 12 + 7.50 + 10+ 5.25 + 13.89 + 6)/ 8 = $8.50/hr

Weekly (if full time): $344/wk

Annually (if full time): $17,888

Postgrad years

I had no job prospects and hadn't even started looking before it was time to graduate. I even missed my college graduation. It just snuck up on me. I guess you had to order tickets. I don't know. Former President Clinton and Former President George H.W. Bush were there so maybe that's why. I graduated in 2006 and went straight to graduate school, so I don't know what the salary was for bachelor's degree only.

Oh wait, yes I do!

For about three months in graduate school, I worked part-time at Blockbuster making $7.50/hr. That was fun. Awe. Remember Blockbuster.

I did a one year Master's degree and got a teaching certificate to boot. I graduated that spring in 2007 and didn't go into teaching right away.  I moved to Hollywood and this is where it gets sticky.  I fully intended to get a full-time job, but with limited experience, no connections, and no desire to be a teacher, this turned out to be harder than expected. However, if ever one wanted to thrive in the gig-economy, Hollywood is the place to do that.

I lived in Los Angeles County or adjacent from 2007 to 2009. While there I held all sorts of part-time gigs and some that paid no money. I halfheartedly tried to join the entertainment industry, hence the unpaid labors of love on different production sets. As a tutor, I made anywhere from $30 to $50/hr. As a substitute teacher I made $135/ day.  As an extra or wardrobe assistant, I made $100/day for a 12-hour day (and free food).

After a couple years of no health insurance and mounting debt, I decided to give full-time teaching one last try. That lasted for a semester at $23/hr.

I moved back to suburban D.C. and signed back up with the temp agency at $10/hr until my aunt referred me for a job at her company. From late 2009 to mid-2011, I made $18/hr as a human resources assistant. Then I went back to school to amass the remainder of my enormous student loan debt.

The breakdown

My range: $7.50 - $50/hr

Mean: (7.50 +30 + 50 + 16.88 + 8.33 +23 +10 +18 )/ 8 = $20.46/hr

Weekly (if full time): $818/wk

Annually (if full time): $42,557

Post post-graduate

I went back to school and got a professional degree. From 2011 to 2015, I amassed enormous student loan debt and chose not to work. My mentality was that I would have to work for the rest of my life and a minimum wage job during my degree program wasn't going to change that. Had I known FIRE was a possibility, perhaps my approach would have been different. As many before me have said, financial independence was not a part of any of my degree programs' curricula. I was not financially woke, as the young kids say.

I graduated in 2015 and was licensed soon after getting my diploma in the mail. I didn't attend this graduation ceremony either. I don't know what my problem is. However, this time I started my job hunt early. I got my first full-time job in my profession before I even graduated after one of my classmates referred me. I started at $41/hr and three years later I'm at $44/hr.

The breakdown

My range: $41 - 44/hr

Median: $42.50/ hr

Weekly: $1,700/wk

Annually: $88,400


Effect of education on my net worth

The math for this is simple. I had no concept of financial independence until December 2017. I didn't know it as a concept in abstract or reality. I came to America to escape civil unrest in my country and get a better education which was supposed to give me a better life. It was to be had at all costs.  I obviously started and ended adolescence with no debt. Now in my mid-30s, I have six-figure savings that are outweighed by my six-figure debt.  Ostensibly, I achieved my objective. I got a great education three times over and it has afforded me a better life across almost all counts.  Financial independence will just have to be part of my second act.

Net worth breakdown

H.S. graduation:  +$1,200 in gift money

College graduation:  -$5,000 in debt

Graduate degree graduation: -$60,000 in debt

Professional degree graduation:  -$300,000 in debt

Professional degree + 3 years of full-time employment: - $300,000 (debt) + $100,000 (savings) = -$200,000 (net worth)

The verdict

So did my salary really increase with education as promised? Let's look at the data.

NO H.S. Diploma$163$8,476
H.S. Diploma$344$17,888
Master's Degree$818$42,557
Professional Degree$1,700$88,400

I am making 10x as much with an advanced degree as I was with no high school diploma. So, I would say that is a resounding yes.

One question to myself when I started this post was something like this: Yes, I am making a respectable salary now, but was it worth the monumental student loan debt it took to get here? In this moment, I would say yes. Shocker, I know!

What you should take away from this

I like to tell the truth as plainly as possible because I too have fallen for the smoke and mirrors show in just about every aspect of my life. So as any college graduate between 2006 and 2010 will tell you, having a college degree doesn't guarantee a job with a great salary. More than a few of my undergraduate classmates found themselves slinging coffee for a few years after graduation until they either found themselves; found their calling; found a network to plug into; or got enough experience to get a better job. Some like me skipped the under-employment line and headed straight for another degree program.

Yes, dear one, that diploma, high school or college, does not come with a job offer stapled to the back, but it does buy you a place in the race. Admittedly, it's a race from which a growing vocal minority of people is now actively trying to sideline, trading in their badges for spectacles.  Nonetheless, unless you have the next great idea or super-talent, furthering your education wisely is a pretty good bet.


9 Recurring Monday Morning Thoughts

What’s surprising to me is how eventhough I have the same thoughts every Monday they still present themselves as new.  And I still react to them as though it’s the first time I’ve encountered them. I’m still just as distressed and sad and bewildered and lost and upset- all the feels- every Monday morning. Why is this is my life? I know I eventually get over it. I know the questions are rhetorical. And worst of all I know how far away my FIRE date is!

Sometimes it helps to unburden myself of my thoughts by expressing them, even virtually into the void. I hope too just by looking at this from time to time I can realize how regular and ridiculous these thoughts are and continue to keep swimming.

Without further ado, here are my thoughts on repeat in my mental playlist every Monday.

#1 I don’t want to go work today.

#2 I’d rather be dead.

#3 I don’t want to be a non-white-man in America anymore.

#4 Can I call in sick?

#5 I’m quitting in 2 weeks.

#6 I should give it all up and move to Europe.

#7 I should give it all up and be a lady of leisure for an indeterminate amount of time. To heck with personal finance goals!

#8 Why was I born?

#9 Why did my parents have me if they can’t provide for me (a life of leisure)?

#10 Bonus. How do people do this everyday? For 30+ years?

Dear Yoast, Stop Turning Us Into Idiots

Dear Yoast,

Can you please stop telling people to use two sentence paragraphs...

Thanks! Love ya. Mean it!



Not too long ago, I downloaded the Yoast search engine optimization (SEO) plug-in because all the profitable blogs said so. And I always do what they say. Let me tell you, it is annoying. I thought it would be magic fairy dust to rocket my posts into SEO glory. It isn't. When will I learn? It's more like a spell-check for SEO.

You create your post then the plug-in finds your SEO mistakes and areas for improvement. For example, it points out how many sentences start with the same word or if you use too much passive voice (which sometimes isn't even accurate). Yoast is helpful, I guess, for bloggers who blog based on keyword searches because the plug-in also tells you how well your text would perform for that keyword.  Other than that it's pretty much just annoying.

The most aggravating feature is its preference for the short paragraph. (See what I did there.)

You get marked down for having paragraphs more than 300 words or not having enough sub headings between blocks of text. If you've ever taken a writing class or had to read Elements of Style, you'll balk at some of the plug-ins suggestions, for example, introducing a new paragraph to continue the same thought. Doing this starts to make each blog post look like a list.

Now that I know what this SEO tool actually does, I look at blog posts with new light. I am finding these Yoasty blogs are the blogs to which I stop returning. I prefer a good narrative. It's distracting to me to be skipping to new paragraphs when you're talking about the same topic. From this reader's perspective, posts crafted this way look scattered. Like, is that all you had to say?

I would caution against this tool for every post. It may be useful for lists or reports but for the bloggers out there who introduce personal stories or well researched posts, please skip this SEO feature. I may be new to blogging, but I learned to read when I was three and have been reading ever since. Yoast makes your blog look as though it has ADD. I find myself more likely to skim posts like these especially with those oh so informative headings acting like flashlights on a tarmac. After awhile, every paragraph looks like a headline or subheading and as a reader, I keep moving right along. Please refrain from doing this to your posts, unless the pageview is all that matters. Let's elevate the mind of the reader. I beg you! It only took twelve years of my life to earn my high school diploma, I'd like to continue reading at least at that level.
My experiment

A heading. Blasphemous. I know. They got to me!

Well I was beginning to wonder if this was just another single girl rant against money-making blogs with poor style since my blog is still in the shadows, so I did a little experiment with some national news sites to see just what Yoast had to say about their copy.
Exhibit A

ArticleAmélie Nothomb is a must-read author in France. ‘Strike Your Heart’ shows why. (The Washington Post)

How the copy looks: (excerpt)

Yoast score:

Exhibit B

Article: Eminem Became A Parody Of Himself And Everybody's Laughing (NPR)

How the copy looks: (excerpt)

Yoast score:

Exhibit C

Intro: Michiko Kakutani is a well respected, well-read, well-learned NYT literary critic who actually reads and critiques people's writing for a living. Her level may be above most of ours but it's a desirable standard. Michiko Kakutani (full name basis) is where I aspire to be as a writer and reader. I would encourage all of us to lean this way.

Article: I Know What Incarceration Does to Families. It Happened to Mine. (The New York Times)

How the copy looks: (excerpt)

Yoast score:

What Yoast actually says about their feedback points.


"Why is readability so important for SEO?

It is unclear whether readability is a specific ranking factor."

"What does the Flesch reading ease test measure?

Flesch reading ease measures the complexity of an English text.  The lower the score, the more difficult the text is to read. Text with a very high Flesch reading ease score (about 100) is straightforward and easy to read, with short sentences and no words of more than two syllables. Usually, a reading ease score of 60-70 is considered acceptable/normal for web copy."

And shocker their big "well-respected" source: wikipedia.

So they're asking you to dumb down your posts for something that may or may not even matter? Who wants to read copy with short sentences and mono-syllabic words? Not this single girl.  Unless you are truly writing a how-to guide, let's elevate the level of our content. If I wanted to be made dumber, I'd keep my day job.

Now that red frowning face that shows up on nearly all my posts to me means I'm doing something right. If it's good enough for Michiko, it's good enough for me.

How this single girl rates the Yoast SEO plug-in:



Single Girl Life | My Week Ending Nov 2, 2018: Why is it so hard to be a human?!

Welcome back to My Early Retirement Journey. In case you're just joining us, here's a little bit about me.  I am a single 30-something, openly Christian, hesitantly immigrant-y, human woman. I enjoy watching TV while eating takeout, and I want to retire early. I currently work as a consultant in a tele-health call center making around $40/hr. I started my professional life in 2015 at the ripe ole age of 31 after a few false starts. I spent 2016 paying off about $10,000 worth of credit card debt. I spent 2017 paying off about $20,000 in private student loans; I still have about $300,000 in federal student loans for which I am currently on an income-based repayment plan for the next 25 years, give or take.  I started really getting into savings and investing late 2017 when I stumbled upon the FIRE (financial independence, retire early) community.  In 2018, I made the decision to try to save for a sabbatical and maybe if all goes well continue the journey to early retirement.  Along this journey, I give weekly more personal than finance updates just like this one. Come along with me, I urge you!
My week

Monday – Headache as soon as woke up. Dreams of being rich and silver spoon fed. Maybe my dream is to just live a year without worrying about work or money. Is that ok? Haven’t even had a chance to try out my new name. Looked up Japan again, maybe the JET program. But apparently there’s a lot of mold in Japan. Island weather?

Lightbulb moment: Duh! My big dream is to do nothing! Why has it taken me so long to say that. I felt like a failure. I felt bad that I didn’t have this beautiful family and beautiful house to spend time with and in if I were to quit work. I had to justify my own dream.

No, ma'm. My dream is to live a lackadaisical existence! To move and groove on my own time with my own dime. I spent so much of my youth having to be helpful so someone would keep me and take care of me.

From where I stand, there isn’t some higher purpose for my life at this moment. I feel no real calling on my life. Or if it’s there maybe I’m ignoring it? See there I go again.

I felt like a failure. I felt a little crazy like there was something wrong with me. I thought I needed to be committed for mental illness because I don’t want to do anything or help anyone. But I’m fine! This is what I have always wanted, much the way people say about motherhood or parenthood. NO, REALLY. THIS IS ALL I’VE WANTED.

Tuesday – My NEW life plan makes me smile. Makes me giddy. Makes me walk with a skip in my step!  I really think I’m going to do it. Part of me kind of wants an audience, so I might document it. Just for all the aimless wanderers out there – there is a space for you too. After close to 35 years of searching for a purpose and searching for meaning without success, I’m just going to give up the ghost. I can die later (that's always Plan E right?), but for a year I can be worry free.

No, I’m not quitting to work on my novel or turn this blog into a profit machine. No, I’m not quitting to meditate and eat veggies and go to church and do mission work or build a school. Nope. I mean those things might be nice. But I’m not doing that. I’m living my aimless purposeless existence. I’m embracing my life more ordinary. I’m tired of feeling bad about it and doing nothing. Now I’m doing nothing and feeling good. Rocket science right? I googled all the things. And skimmed all the Bible passages. I’ve come up empty, world. Empty! The mini summits I had with my honest friends all lead to the same thing – no one (we know anyway) is really doing anything with their lives. People assign their own meaning to their life. The typical case is work, kids, and family. Ok, and if you don’t have those things or those things don’t add value to your life, then what? Nothing! Literally. I have yet to combust and die because while work serves a financial purpose (of which I am grateful), it and kids and family don’t get me out of bed in the morning.

Like, why did I need permission to live my own life. The theme is central -we all have this one life, but it was as though I was standing on the sidelines for someone to tag me in. I realized three years ago that I was a side kick in my own life and I sought to change that. When I realized I didn’t get far down that road, I felt like a failure.

But maybe I'm not. The languid lifestyle is the life for me.

I’m not depressed. I’m not suicidal! I’m not broken or hopeless (but if you are, seek help, there are numbers for you to call). There's nothing wrong with me. I celebrate my truth that I enjoy doing nothing.

I’m not any more aimless than those living pre-fab lives.

I watch House Hunters nightly and so many want so badly for their houses to be interesting, full of character, but is that because of the bland pre-fabness of everyday life.

I’m not any more or less original then, I guess.

Wednesday -  Been waking up so happy this week. And a bit productive too. Made single girl crockpot chili last night. Well I prepped it and put it in the crockpot this morning so I can come home to a nice warm bowl of chili on a breezy Halloween evening. I heart October in North Carolina! Got lots of candy and some things to watch tonight.

Thursday – Aunty MERJ having hearth catheterization +/- a stent placed. She withdrew all the money out of her account earlier this week. There is about $14 left. There goes my plans of paying myself back the four or five months of rent I had fronted. Oh well. It took five months of me helping her out to save about $1400 in her account and she withdrew $1200 in one month. Maybe she thought she was dying. Who can say.

Weird feelings at work. I hope nothing comes of it. Approached again about taking more of a leadership role for same pay. I don’t mind the work if I thought it would lead to more pay, but it doesn’t at least not right away. And I’d be working with part of the leadership team I don’t particularly care for (so much drama, fan fare and attention-seeking behavior #notaboutthatlife). Lots of married women who are used to having something to say to someone about everything! Everything! All. Day.  Overall not taking on more responsibility probably seems a little short sighted from the outside looking in, but I’m cautious lately with my emotional state. I really need to churn out my love-hate post about my job. Hate is a strong word. I don’t hate my job.

New life motto: If it makes your life easier or simpler, say yes.

Friday - I’m so glad you’re here. Why is it so hard to be a human?! This week was actually not that bad. Praise the Lord I am here to talk about it. My inner demons haunt me.

And this blogging thing. Sucks up my time and energy. But when I try blogging daily, Brain says do it weekly. When I try weekly, Brain says do it monthly. When I try to take a break, I have now been checking blog email and blog site before and after work; posting and commenting; and checking blog during the day. The only thing I’m not doing is engaging in FB and Twitter and Pinterest.  I had planned to take some time off since late October. But I just found different things to do; example I spent over an hour the other day just playing with the wording in my About Me blurb (below).

Made crockpot chili earlier this week. It’s pretty mediocre. And I was so excited and proud of myself for making it. That's all folks!

TV this week: Sierra Burgess is a Loser, Very Cavallari
Takeout this week: $9 Peruvian
Your turn

How was your week? What did you do? See? Feel? Think? Decide? How's your life journey in general?

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My 30 Day Gluten Free Journey

For the month of September I went gluten free. If you're just joining us, 2018 has been a year of health issues for the single girl. I had surgery in March 2018 and it has not healed well. Specifically I had granulation tissue after my wound was supposed to be done healing. To help combat this, I decided to go gluten free. Wait, what? I know, hang in there, there's a rhythm to my madness.

What is granulation tissue?

In my case it was new vascular tissue in granular form on the healing surface of a wound. It can be associated with a non-healing wound.

What does gluten have to do with granulation tissue?

My story

So here's the deal. As I said, my surgery was in March 2018. At my six-week follow-up, which ended up being a three month follow-up because I was working two jobs, my doctor told me I had granulation tissue. She wasn't too alarmed, so I wasn't either. She applied some silver nitrate and told me to return in a month.

A month later I returned. Now it's July. Same thing. Lay back and spread 'em. Sizzle, sizzle with the silver nitrate. Come back in a month.

A month later I returned. Now it's August. Same thing. I'm sure I cried during at least one of these appointments. The granulation tissue was still there! At this appointment, she happened to mention that my immune system was sill trying to protect me. Aha! A light bulb went on.

Gluten and granulation tissue

So granulation tissue to me is like a part of the inflammatory process that isn't cooperating. Wounds are supposed to heal. When treated well, the body is a well oiled machine. When she mentioned my immune system kind of doing more than it needed to (doing the most! as the young kids say), it triggered a memory. I had heard a couple anecdotes from people I know about gluten and a disease called Hashimoto's. It's a type of auto-immune process that leads to disease.  Because gluten is sometimes recognized by the body as an antigen (basically an intruder it tries to rid itself of), some osteopaths have tried to mitigate the condition with a gluten free diet with intermittent success.

I normally have a hard time digesting gluten anyway. Most people do, they just don't know it. It's why baby food is mostly rice based. Gluten is freaking hard to digest. If I eat pizza or sub sandwiches more than three days in a row, I feel as though I'm going to die from the gas, bloating, and constipation. It just sticks around and it makes me feel icky.

I digress. So having heard that gluten is sometimes recognized as an antigen by the body, I thought why not try life without it. Not eating bread hasn't killed anyone that I know of. Without my doctor's instruction, I decided to just stop eating gluten until the next sizzle and poke visit. I was getting tired of using my vacation days for these appointments with a $40 copay to boot!
My 30 day gluten free diet

What the heck did I eat, you might ask. All sorts. It wasn't that hard in terms of missing out because pizza and sandwiches aren't my favorite foods. The hardest part was that wheat is in most convenience foods so things like crackers, which were a staple in my lunch box, and fast food burgers, which have supplemented many a single girl lunch, were no longer an option. Here's what I did eat.

Week 1

What I ate: potatoes, li'l smokies, more potatoes, peanuts, pistachios, bananas, oatmeal, apple sauce, refried beans and nachos, rice with corned beef, rice with sardines, rice with salt, rice with egg, gorged on Unreal chocolates because my sweet tooth could not be satisfied without my nightly snack of packaged cookies

Biggest thing I missed: snack food!

Overall: I was so hungry! But I had some great potty time. It was more difficult to snack or indulge in convenience foods as my work lunch go-tos were fast food burgers, Subway, KFC Chicken Littles, or even hummus and pita at the Middle Eastern place around the corner.

Week 2

Breakfast: oatmeal, nuts, cantaloupe, bananas

Lunch/Supper/Dinner: Hunan shrimp and rice, chocolates, rice and onions, majadara

Overall: I started to get more organized with the eating once I realized some of my go-to fast food options were out. I ate Chinese take out two or three times during the week. I started to get sick of it, and my gut wasn't having the last bit. I think soy sauce probably has gluten in it, but my body didn't complain too much. And I actually didn't realize it until now.

Week 3

Breakfast:  nuts, dry cereal, banana rice bread

Supper: rice and chicken, Kind Bars, fruits (grapefruit, cantaloupe, grapes)

Overall: I found I was hungrier more. I didn’t stay full as long. I woke up hungry and was generally hungrier throughout the day even though I was snacking more. Overall, I was snackier. I just couldn’t get full on rice and potatoes. To sustain a gluten free diet, I suspect I would have to train my stomach to recognize satisfaction from hunger rather than that feeling of fullness. I guess that’s why they call the bread basket you get at restaurants fillers.

The banana rice bread was my favorite friend. Here's the recipe, if you're curious:


4 brown bananas

2 eggs

1/2 cup vegetable oil

1/4 cup water

1 teaspoon vanilla

1 cup cream of rice

1/4 cup sugar

1/2 teaspoon salt

3/4 tsp teaspoon baking soda

1/2 teaspoon baking powder

1/2 tsp  cinnamon

1 tsp coffee

1/4 tsp  nutmeg

1 tsp fresh ginger (1/4 tsp ground ginger), optional

Muffins: Mix it all together. Bake 22 minutes at 375*F or until dark brown.

Week 4

Breakfast: peanuts and grapefruit

Lunch: popcorn, rice cakes and peanut butter, Kind bars

Dinner: rice and greens, more banana rice bread muffins

Overall:  I was running out of ideas.
The Results

For the diet itself, with limited food options, namely Chinese or Mediterranean vegan rice, I found myself eating out less at lunch. I just went with smaller meals and packaged snacks and bars. Or just got tired of trying to figure out what to eat and just waited for the next meal time.

As for my health, my granulation tissue did in fact heal! It took six months and a radical diet, but heal it did! Praise be! I went to my last visit at the end of September. My doctor was unimpressed by the strategy I tried when I told her. I’m guessing she just thought I was another backseat-Google-doctor whacko. But hey, she said my immune system was being overprotective. So I took it out of overdrive. I didn't die and my immune system is back to normal. I call it a win for the single girl! Why, yes, I would like to keep that $40 copay for my chocolate and cable habit. Thank you very much!
Your turn

You ever get into fad diet trends?