A Resignation, A Burnt Brownie, A Stimulus Check and More Fraud Blocks

Good morning!

I was chomping at the bit yesterday to share all my news, but we lost internet and I got distracted.

Well, yippee the internet is back on!

I formally submitted my resignation email last night at 8:05pm. I woke up thinking about it. I went to bed thinking about it. I also remembered I have to go into our Employee Database and fill out a form there as well. I just did that this morning (Saturday at 5a). Is that suspicious? Oh well.  They asked the reason, and one of the options was Better Opportunity. I just couldn't click it, so I chose Other.

The call I was worried about has already been acted on, and I guess it wasn't so life altering that the feedback had to reach me immediately. So, that's something I guess.

Well by that point, my immediate goal was to submit my resignation before anything negative reached me. Accomplished! Thanks, God!

Stimulus Check
I finally received it! Hallelujah! The yellow change-of-address sticker is dated May 6, so I don't know where's it's been the last 23 days, but oh well. I want to go cash it now.  It's going straight to Regular Savings. I feel like all my chickens are out of the coop and I just want to bring everything home to roost so I can keep an eye on them.

I just get the feeling, the New Job is going to take away my focus from my other personal life tasks.

A Burnt Brownie
So yesterday with nothing to do but wring my hands due to the internet outage, I baked brownies and sauteed some spinach. Vegetables really aren't that tasty. I don't care how much I convince myself to eat them, they're just not my favorite things to eat.  So I wanted some chewy brownies, not the gooey kind most people like, so I baked the brownies on a cookie sheet for 30 minutes. Way too long! They're like one little flat biscuit.  When I baked the boxed brownie for 30 minutes that didn't seem long enough, they were still soft and mushy in the middle. However,  making them from scratch was a different story.  I was tempted to try again, but didn't.

The Fraud, the Fraud!
Another reason I'm trying to keep my money close to my vest is I have been met with the latest fraud block. I can't link my debit card to one of my prepaid cards. I tried two different cards and two different banks, no dice. Now there's a number I have to call. Boo!

In other news, I am crossing all my fingers that my scheduled pull of funds out of the Bank that's blocked my other debit card works. I'll know Monday. The wait is too long! I hope it works so I can swiftly close that account and be on my merry way!

Social contact this week
1_ Female Peer that churns banks bonuses with me sent me a screenshot of a fee she was unexpectedly charged. I sent her the slides I made for her son when I tried to teach him words. (I also remembered why I quit teaching; it's a lot of work for tiny rewards, if any.)

2_An Egyptian girl (who lives in Egypt) I did an internship with a few years back sent me a G-chat message. We chatted briefly.

3_I sent a professional colleague a quick note about Covid vaccine and call volume. I was initially trying to answer a question Big Boss asked but the email chain fizzled out after her initial response to my email.

I think for the most part, I'm keeping up with my Emotional Independence guidelines.

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